Did it work?

In “The Kardiac Kitten: A Feline Masterpiece,” I said

My hope is that the emotional significance I can’t put into words will be communicated, or at least implied, by the time and effort it takes to weave this picture. I will always have feline companions. But there will never be another Squib, because the unique combination of circumstances and personality and time spent together can’t ever happen again.

I finished weaving the body of the tapestry yesterday. I’ll write a serious post with more details and pictures. For tonight, filled with an odd mixture of exuberance and grief, I can say that yes, the message has been received, at least by the enthusiastic group of bead weavers in the Mirrix Loom group on Facebook. Squib added a lot of love to the universe while she was with me, and that love hasn’t gone away. And now you can see it. Maybe that is worth a thousand words.

Finished tapestry -- adding edging.
Finished tapestry — adding edging.