About Kardiac Kitten Designs

There’s gonna be a lot more information here pretty soon. For now: I’m Tina Bird, I’ve been making jewelry of various types for 20 years and teaching (in other areas) longer than that.

“Kardiac Kitten” refers to Squib, my most-beloved feline companion, who died at the age of four and a half due to congenital heart disease. I thought I was going to be using this site to sell jewelry to help pay her medical bills, but she went too soon.

She was a tiny cat. When I was working, she’d curl up in this Priority Mail box next to my desk to keep me company. None of our other cats fit into it, which pleased her immensely.

If it fits, it ships!

Other parts of my life are online at




both sorely outdated but due for revision Any Minute Now.