The real world intrudes

Over the last several days I had two major distractions from working on Squib’s Feline Masterpiece. The first is not-so-pleasant, a sinus infection which (finally!) seems to be improving. The second is a very exciting early birthday present, Mirrix’ Lani Loom — this way I can work on small projects to take a break from the big piece.

Apparently it takes a lot of brain power to have a sinus infection, because they always make me dumb as a rock. I didn’t want to risk screwing up something serious on Squib, so I designed a small pattern and wove it on the Lani, which I love. It took much longer than expected, due to previously mentioned sinus infection, and I’m glad I wasn’t on the big piece.

Pictures tomorrow – mostly just updating numbers on Feline Masterpiece tonight.